Why are People Mean on my Projects?



Ok, I know I can't stop meanness on hopscotch, but WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN ON MY PROJECTS??

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All these projects have two things in common
Their both incredibly mean
They both have MY project tab on them!


Oh AND this one!


:cold_sweat: You reported them, right?


Yes I think so, let me check


Wait... Was that last one ACTUALLY Sassysinger? She is so nice, I bet it's someone who just has something against her!


I think it's the other SASSYSINGER


Oh for a minutes there I was like :open_mouth::no_mouth::flushed::astonished::no_mouth:


Yes, Sassysinger is a friend and is totally not that mean one :confused:
I can't believe people like this exist. This is a CHILDRENS app people! It doesn't make it any better that they're doing this on my project
And you know what started this?
Unrelated hopscotch chatting.
It's been going on in my remixes tab for AGES. I report, but it NEVER stops! Think before you type people!


If you've reported multiple projects like these and it hasn't stopped, you should email THT. Giving an opinion nicely like "I don't really like cats :wink:" is okay, but a rude comment about another Hopscotcher is not good.


I remember hopscotch King once said that he saw Vampire12 saying that he/she is a vampire even though that's not true, so that's probably why he/she's mean.


I totally agree!
I try to give nice warnings, and they usually stop when I do, so I think she will stop being mean llike CookieSwiper did.
(If you don't know who she is, let's not get into that!)


Guys this is a good reminder that RPs, unrelated chat, and personal info chatting is NEVER a good idea.


How to NOT solve a problem
I'm sorry for ranting, I've just had a long day of exams and sports, and I come back home to this :confused:


Wow... Isn't breaking someone's iPad and breaking their arm a bunch much.... People these days. I might try to help, but I'm afraid I'll end up being too mean or too nice : (


Tbh, I'm not a goody two shoes in real life, but I hate unkindness over the Internet, where people think they're safe to do whatever and can conceal themselves without having to worry about a teacher telling their parents how bad they've been.


@Clover_Studios is an awesome person!! She is always super nice and helps out a lot! Why would @SASSYSINGER say that to her? :frowning:


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read the capital letters


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These people must have had problems with the person they're being mean to, for example, they might be jealous.


I made a reply to them