Why are almost all posts on the forum off-topic and have personal information?



I've been on the forum for almost a year now and I've seen a lot of off-topic-ness but not as much as now
People are pretending to be robots, spammin.g sharing personal info and getting heat posts closed for no reason, and what I hate the most, in topic that talk about the sad and tragic things that happened in nice, people are posting laughing emojis and saying that they are happy that that guy ran over a lot of people in nice for attention, like, is this even the hopscotch forum anymore, or is it a different website,
This is not the forum I know, and I don't like it.


ohmgee saammmee

Yeah when you left the forum was a lot more calmer and structured :00

Now it's messy and lots of stuff is happening


The forum might be crazier than back last year, but we are also a bigger, also more crazy community. Messy stuff might have been happening, but the best thing to do would be to try to help that. Tell them that they are off-topic (but don't be mean about it), or say that they shouldn't share personal info. That's what can help the forum.


And you can flag a lot of stuff and I'll do something about it

Probably accept



Lol they do that and it rally doesn't do anything


People rarely share or ask for personal info. In all my time on the forum, I've only seen that happen a few times.

Off topicness is always going to exist. I don't think it's more than usual.

Yes, that Nice topic could have gone better. People could have shown more respect. But no one said they were happy it happened.

Thank you for calling attention to some things we should work on, but I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say almost all posts are like this.


It's helping more than you think. Just try, and know we can't be perfect.


@Koke you join y ster day of corse u haven't seen off topic ness (no offense)


I completely agree with you, @Koke! :3


No we r all people on the forum (I'm pt) so we know life


I think that instead of focusing on the negative things, we should try and improve by being positive. :slight_smile:


But what about people making fun of what happened in nice and peopel pretending to be robots which is really weird
And people spammin.g so @system closes topics?


What? I haven't seen those kinds of things happening a lot...


@PopTart0219 me and tehn I'll open it up


Oops this is my alternate account for fun. I didn't join yesterday. I'm a regular. :smile:


I have, like 5 times


Just think.

The forum is a city.

At the beginning, we're a smol city with only a few people. Almost nothing bad happens, as it's not as likely for less people to do bad stuff.

As it grows, the likelihood increases, but that doesn't take that much away from the great things we've done together.

It's best to do what you can about it, and not focus on the negative too much. No one is perfect. No community can be entirely perfect.


But I'm saying there doing thing that break the guild lines and they know that they are doing things that we shouldn't do and they don't change,
I'm not trying to focus on the negative in just stating that things have not been good for the past week or two and it shouldn't be this bad


I've only seen a few cases of this behavior, and it was dealt with. I don't think almost all post are off topic or have personal info, I think it's a really small amount.


if it's by accident give them a reminder