Why?!?! Am I that bad of an artist or what


Okay, so my art club has gotten five submissions, and there's only one of them I'm even considereing to let in. Am I really such an awful artist that so little people will enter my club? Can someobody tell me why nobody is entering!?! I maid the instructions really clear, there were only four questions...is this my fault? How do I change this?


your not an awful artist

some people have other clubs there in and dont have time to join any one elses

its also possible not many people have seen it



I don't think your awful. Maybe just not a lot of people know what's going on in your club! I'm not very much into hopscotch art so I'm not entering but a lot of people might be but they don't know! Now people will know because you posted about it on the forum!


I know that, but still... I republish it a lot, so plenty people should have seen it. And there are a lot of really recent clubs just starting up, and they have a lot of people applying for them. :disappointed:


This is the second time I've posted something about my art club on the forum. Thanks for your words, though.


You're not awful. The problem isβ€”

I don't know what the problem is. Maybe people just prefer to be in a famous person's art club, which isn't the best thing.


That's true. Thanks. At least your honest. Often I find myself not being very honest with myself at all.


Stahl thinking negative! That's probably because people are too scared to join, cause they think their art is not good enough, or something...I feel like that sometimes...:no_mouth:


Your art is fantaboulus, don't worry. And I don't think that it's because people are to scared to join, as many other art clubs have 30+ members...


...my art isn't fantabulous...BELIVE me... Maybe...well...honestly, I don't know, maybe try making the art club form thing...think of the presentation, think of your profile, is it one that sow one would go
WOW!! I want to be in her/his art club!
Or is it one that people go,
Im not the best at giving advice, so, yah...


I will not believe you, because your art is gorgeous and you are lying to meh.
My profile... I do have a lot of text based projects, at least recentely, but I published my art club form before that,


I could join what's your username?


Ok, start FRESH...make a new, sparkly art club form which people will think WOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHNICESMOOTHBACKROUND! And then they sign up :), maybe show me a pic of your form, or whatever, and, make sure they have enough space to draw!


That's why I don't join any art clubs. I don't go in anyone's art club unless I think they are ok with my horrible art, (something tells me that is why I didn't get in iMeow's art club because of that)

I don't have enough responsibility to have my own art club. I suggest you do what @PandaBlossom Said


Yah you should probably start fresh


Sure! Here's a pic...


Okay... But I'm not sure.


Niiicce! One kewl art club for, right there! My form was rubbish XD
I will continue this discussion later, as I gotta run!


Okay, bye then. I GG to.


I agree with @PandaBlossom completely. Lots of people have tried other art clubs, and probably haven't gotten in (me). Look. Some people just have too many items on their plate! I know exactly how you feel. I once created a challenge that I spent hours coding, and no one joined. XD

But seriously, I don't know why people won't join! You're an awesome person, and you deserve more people in your art club. If people say bad things about your club, I will definitely consult them to do the right thing.

I'm just being honest. I don't know what's going on!