Why am I regular but don't have the abilities?


I am a regular now but for some reason the abilities don't work fo me. I can't find lounge or make tags or edit things or make a post that you can edit. Can someone help me?


Idk why.. If you want me to make tags for you I can!


Wait let me try and log out and see if it works.


Yep, it still doesn't work.
@buildasnowman @kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219
Are some active and helpful moderators. Can you guys help me?


Your trust level says Member though…I think you got demoted automatically from requirements or something


Oh. That may have happened as well.


You probably got demoted, but the BOT does not delete the regular badge.

You should still get regular, though! :smiley:


System demoted me :joy::joy:


@System, are you being a bad little bot?


It says regular.

Freindship Jacob Sartorius Is your crush? The person who sang sweatshirt. Do you now him?


It says on your profile that you are member that might be the problem


95% sure she doesn't, but she still likes him.

Now I'll GBOT

Oh no! Maybe ask to be repromoted :0


OMGoodness, @System XD


you got your regular taken away


I don't know what the problem is, it's not working for me to promote you. Sorry for the struggle, but I'll try again in another week.


She's regular cause it says so in her profile so I think either my tablet is broken or she's regular but it won't show up on anyone's screen but me or some ppl


Thanks PT.
I went a few months without being reg, I can go a week :joy::joy:


That happened to me. It's probably that Discourse is lagging a bit.


Just wait a day, according to my experience.


Yeah sorry about that. I don't know what's going on with the system, so again I'll check back in a week or soo