Why am I not member


Why am I not member? I have all the requirements!




Maybe you should post something like this on your gt instead of making a topic about this




Also to my understanding you’ve only given 2 likes in total


As @TheCMStudios has said, I think you need to like more posts :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about other requirements, though.

Also, do post something like this in your GT — here are guidelines for what to post:


it’s a question

they can ask



so out of all the people you do that to me

maybe you should just mind your own business too cuase i also wasnt talking to you :)) , its not a big deal.


Please, if there is gonna be a war dont do it here…

Leave it to the greasers and Socs.


maybe cuz you’re post was the second?

thought you left though



I said that im lea.ving tommorow, what just cant wait?


You are referencing that book and/or movie a lot


Not really… only twice… I was bored… I had nothing better to do…


I don’t really know, but you’ve just visited your 15th day on the forum, so there might take some time for the forum to give you the badge. Also, you read time might be a little too small. Double-check the requirements here:


Oh I was just wondering why


There’s been thousands of topics on this forum, only one is not enough to “clutter” it. But everyone else is right that you haven’t reached the requirements for member yet


Yeah I know, sorry if that came off as rude


Nah you’re good, I also know that book and I’ve seen the movie in 8th grade


Were doing that in 7th over here…


I want to be a member :