Why Am I Not Getting Regular?


So... I've been on the forum for quite a long time now... Going on daily... Getting likes... Liking things... Uploading things... Seeing new people...
But those new people have already got regular! I'm not sure what's holding me back, but I'm pretty sure its the flags...

Can anybody check how many flags I have?

Is there a way to redeem yourself if you have more or 5 flags? Thanks!


As a leader, I can't check, but they flags only count in the last fifty days!


The problem isn't flags - it's topics viewed. You have viewed 502 topics out of a needed 666. So all you have to do is keep being active on different topics and you will have regular!


@BuildASnowman, do you mind checking what I need?


You are so close! You have visited 43 out of a needed 50 days. Just a few more days and you'll have it!


Can you check what I need?

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I'm almost regular!!! I think all I need is the fifty days! I'll become one around Feb. 12!


Thanks so much! 2020202020



Sorry to bother you, but could you check my statistics as well? I wanna know the requirements as well as how close I am to reaching them.


Can you please check what I need?