Why am I not a regular yet?



I've been on 50+ days. I have under 5 flags. Y AM I NOT A REGULAR


Maybe you need to read more posts/topics, that's another requirement


Maybe you haven't met all of the requirements.


Yes @Anonymous @PopTart0219 Y?????


Maybe you can ask why in the Regular badge checkup topic! Go ask @Kiwicute2016 here! :smile:


You need to read more posts and new topics! :D


How many .____________.


I'm not sure! Ask @Kiwicute2016.. she knows! :3


I got angry when I was waiting for regular then I got it yesterday and not much things change...


You need to be on for one more day after you meet all the requirements. I meet all the requirements, and will not be a Regular till tomorrow. First thing I'm going to do is check out the lounge!


You can't go there! You can just see xtra topics


What?! I can't go there?! I thought you could go to the lounge when you're a Regular! I am going to be a Regular tomorrow (I think)! So THEN I'll be able to go to the lounge.


It's just a new category like #help. It's not like it's a topic or tab you can open :wink:


Only Regulars can see it? I don't get it, but let's go to a new topic.


Np u only see more topics like...see 4 ur self


Rather than clog up the forum with yet another topic, I decided to post on here. I should have regular by now. Look, here are my stats:

So, I'm pretty sure I've completed all that is necessary. Why don't I have regular yet?
@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219


You need to be active for 15 more consecutive days.


That's it? Cool. Thanks Kiwi!


What about me? I don't think I'm close, but I'm kind of curious.