Why am I not a regular? I AM REGULAR!



To be a leader, you have to be promoted! If you see someone who you think should be a leader, tell a member of the team!


How come when I emailed the hopscotch team to ask to be a leader they said Liza or any real person disied!


They want to choose the leaders because they have a super responsible role in the forum. If the bot decides, and they don't think that person can handle it, they would maybe take it off, but that would disappoint the person.


Well, that's how it works! Someone from the team is on the forum. They look for people who are consistently helpful (I'm trying to do that), and keep the discussion moving. If they like what they see, they'll promote you! This is rare; it doesn't happen that often


Hi @BuildASnowman! I know I have a while to go before I am regular, but could you tell when and what requirements I've met? Thanks!


Hmm you should ask the hopscotch team bout it!


I'll summon Liza...


Summary lol


Wow, for a new user you are doing really well. You have only been on 22/50 days, but you meet every other requirement except you have to read more posts and more topics (And I'm sure if you keep on being as active as you are, you will reach in no time)


Thanks so much!!! :joy:


Hehehe oops! I'm a bad speller, don't judge meh! :flushed::laughing:


@BuildASnowman How much time til I'm regular? (I SBIP)


Wow, this has never happened before. You meet all of the requirements, but the site hasn't updated you yet. Get some sleep, and when you wake up you will have regular!







Wat (And it was 57 lol) Idc though


Close enough XD

I want to tell you..



Super Important :stuck_out_tongue::upside_down: now bot




UptownStudios is who that post was referring to I think...