Why am I not a regular? I AM REGULAR!



hehehe sorry :sweat_smile: Little confusion, it's good now! :thumbsup:


You may have gotten flags, not viewed enough, gotten enough likes, or replied enough


Ok,ok calm....


I've been on for fifty days, which is 50%
I've read posts
I've replied to topics
I've given and received likes
I haven't been suspended

Go look at my summery!!! I can't see why I'm not a regular!!!


Can I or you tell how many flags I have gotten? I've never gotten a notification about receiving a flag...


Oh wow... you are extremely close. You meet every requirement except you have been on 49/50 days. ONE MORE DAY!


lol xD


What? It says I've been on for fifty days!!! @BuildASnowman???!!!


wait.. her summery says 50/50


Well, if I become leader/moderator (I've got a ways to go), I could. But, you may have gotten some that haven't Had your post hidden



It says in my summery!!!!


And I now see my post is not relevant


@BuildASnowman it says fifty days!!! Right @SnowGirl_Studios??


It says you joined 50 days ago, but that doesn't mean you were on 50/50 days. There was one day you didnt actually visit the forum, which is why it is 49/50.


Oh. So tomorow I should become a regular once I visit?? @BuildASnowman

just wondering, but how many days do I have until I'm regular


Could you please tell me what I need to have done to become a regular?



@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf You meet every requirement but have only been on 32/50 days.
@RobotPro You have been on 46/50 days, and have not read enough posts/topics.


Yay! 18 more days until I become a regular :smile:


How long do you half to be on to be a leader and what are the other requirements for leaders and how long have I been on?