Why am I here...?



^ ^
No one appreciates me or even NOTICES me.
@SmileyAlyssa but is true I AM a poo.


Is that really you? You said you might be hacked in another post...


Why are you here?
Why did you decide to get hopscotch?
Why did you decide to code?
These are all valuable questions you should ask yourself.
Does appreciation and fame really mater?
No it doesn't.
We came to learn code.
Everyone who is so-called famous or popular didn't ask for it. They just worked hard at coding and got there. All those people don't care. They just want to code.

So why are you really here?
Is it for fame?
Or to learn how to code?


Nope! It's him/her!


You should give SGS five points for that post!


I agree! Good wording and explanatory, @SnowGirl_Studios!


I love your posts you're awesome please don't leave!


Thanks guys! :D


Your not poo,
And I apreciate you being on the forum, creating topics, and answering questions!
@SnowGirl_Studios awesome post!
You may want to look at it!


Thanks! :D


Your welcome and it's true! :D
I love your topics, and posts! :D


Awww Thanks! :blush:


Your welcome :D @SnowGirl_Studios


Yesterday I was frustrated. Like, REALLY FRUSTATED. So... Boom! SPLODEY!!!!
Also, I wasn't saying I was hacked. @AHappyCoder spelled "really" wrong and I am a hacker hunter.
But today I am back to my usual, cheerful, slightly prickly self!