Why all the bad things?


@Liza, you can close this if it's not okay.

I'm scrolling through newest, and I find:

This is NOT okay. We all need to help stop the bad things on Hopscotch. It's getting taken over by bad things. Im kind of in shock right now because of this user. It does things to people. Think about it.

Also, @Liza, unless they start cursing at me, can you keep the account open? It's an odd request. I want to see if they realize that it's not okay to do this on their own.

Thanks, @Liza! I didn't know if it was okay. Sorry!

My last edit: Okay! Thanks! I believe it's also probably the same person over and over. Thanks for being so helpful! You always are! @Liza



@Gilbert189, I apologize for this user's bad behavior. It's rude and inappropriate. While I appreciate your request to keep the thread open and see if the user realizes their bad behavior, I actually think that the recent number of posts about incidents like this may be creating a lot of copycat projects. So while I understand your idea, I am going to close this thread. Thanks for understanding!