Who's your favorite Pokemon!


This is cool :3

I like Jigglypuff! So cute <3


Yea jigglypuff is awesome

I named my roblox username jigglypuff1231 c:


One word: Garchomp. Although that would take a lot of time to do a pixel art of...


Anyways, I was going to make a pixel art of gardevoir, but that was scrapped

Anyways here's sylveon


Jigglypuff's name always makes me think of dessert, jiggly jelly and cream puffs XD

BOT! (Quote for off-topic)


I also have a favorite character. ANYBODY Who is a fan of Pokemon will recognize this person. This person is a fan favorite, and has one of the best teams ever. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... MIRROR B!

JK, my favorite is actually Cynthia.


Someone should do a pixel art joke: Ash Ketchup! A bottle of ketchup next to a Pikachu, wearing the hat :3


But seriously, I am probably the biggest Pokemon nerd to ever live.


Oh wait for a long list c:

Note that some are from the anime and some from the manga

Prof. Birch
The leader of team galactic
N (you know, the green haired guy)
Steven (I make ships of him and Cynthia)
Brock (he is awesome.)
N's friends (I forget the names, not iris and ash and the other guy but the two girls that have been with him ever since a child)
Lucas (the blonde guy from dp)
Gary (yup. I said it c:)


dang it im late.


Really karmicsans? This only took me 45 minutes!



My favorite Pokemon is Snorlax. Once I get my iPad back for school, I'm going to make some pixel art.


Also, I know you're only doing real Pokemon, but Pokemon fusions might make good pixel art. They combine actual sprites from the games, so you have something to go off of. Here's an example in case you haven't seen the site before.


I leike Pikachu!





Oh my cod

Someone else is a Pokemon nerd?!?!


I play Pokemon literally every day. I have Platinum, SoulSilver, White 2 and Emerald (can't get Gen 6 because of old DS, which means no Sun/Moon ;-:wink:. I follow the anime and am DESPERATELY WAITING for the English version of episode 1927 to come out on On Demand!

Anyway, to be on topic here, I've always loved Torterra. Sure, he has a double
Weakness to both Ice and Flying, but his Defense and Special Defense stats are so high that he can take up to five hits from one of those attacks before fainting. Plus, he was my first ever Pokemon, so I have a soft spot for him. ^ - ^

From the anime, I know it sounds bad, but I really like Ash as a character. In books and movies, I'm always partial to the first character introduced. Although recently, Ash hasn't been having any mental struggles, and I think all the fans need to see him have his self-confidence hurt, so we can see him learn from a loss and blossom into an even more awesome Trainer (seriously, though, the storylines are more often about Ash's Pokemon than Ash himself)!

Do you think Ash and Serena will end up together? I mean, yes, there's another series coming up, but I've kind of been thinking it would be cool if for that series, they brought back all of Ash's companions to go on a reunion/vacation! I think that would turn out pretty well!

Um, not sure if this got off topic or not, but I'm done rambling!


I have sooooo many favorites XD

I think my most favorite though,



it's gotta be Absol.
Not the strongest, but AWESOME design


For the anime, I agree with all of that stuff XD

Though I don't think those things will happen because it's a show for young kids
I still watch it tho
But yeah



Jiggwy puff

And also squirtle because it's name is fun to say

squirtle squirtle
squirtle squirtle squirtle


Best pokemon

Gonna throw my masterball at him

EDIT : I found a better pokemon.