Who's your favorite Pokemon!


Here is where you can show why your Pokemon is best and give opinions images and polls. Get ready! I make pixel arts too! So just mention me and I do 1 at a time. so plz be patent!

Note: They have to be real POKEMON!

P.S. The marshmallow army will take over the universe


mine is the awesomest Pokemon ever : Bidoof


How is this related to Hopscotch?




Are you making Pokemon pixel arts? :D


Pixel art and cuz it's on the hopscotch app.


Yes indeed man. Yes indeed


Ah I see! You might want to include that in your post :slight_smile:


Get ready! 1st one who asks a Pokemon pixel art gets it within 48 hours!


This is my favorite Pokemon


my favorite pokemon happens to elvove from yours


Sorry email sharing isn't allowed non mustachers say that on these fourms


He's uglier then JUSTIN BIEBER!


Tell people you email and everyone will know were you live.

just sayin.


I'm telling him to guess mrhotdog64


Email sharing is not allowed.


I don't rember u


I don't rember u


Ok I'll think about it cuz I found ur mustache clippings in the sewers again


I made a sylveon pixel art before

I love all fairy types