Who's your favorite minecraft youtuber?(hopscotch related)




Okay I'll stop >:D.
But you really should be watching the original series.


Wich one do you like better?

I need one anwser sorry if this seems rude!


I am not sick but I still play for that long.


Please vote stampy on the polls as well!:blush:


Did you vote other as well?


Yus I did :D


My favorites that are not on the list:
PeteZahHutt, PrestonPlayZ, Vikkstar123


Well I don't watch it but my sis says popularmous with Jen and pat is best


My fave is Vikkstar and prestonplayz .But I don't watch minecraft YouTubers .I watch soccer ones


:rage:FRUIT LOOPS!!!!!!!!!:rage:


See, it really works!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I watch Aphmau, LDshadowlady,Samgladiator, and a little bit of Skydoesminecraft :3


I still play when I'm not sick


Polls have closed polls have closes all I need to do now is calculate wich other do people like the most!


Wich one do you like the most?


Please say which one you like better!


I watch Dan the most.



Okay thank you so much!



I just really enjoyed his xbox minecraft but he doesn't do it anymore. :frowning: