Who's your favorite minecraft youtuber?(hopscotch related)


Hey there guys it’s the fluffy bearrr

So today I am making a vote for who’s your favorite youtuber!

And I will put the winning youtuber in a project!

Polls will close Wednesday!

  • Dantdm
  • exsplodingTNT
  • pink sheep
  • captainsparklez
  • eathen gamerTV
  • sethbling
  • stampy cat
  • grian
  • L for LEEEE X
  • other(state in comments)

0 voters

If you want, say your vote in the replies as well!

Bye, from the fluffy bear.





Now I sit and watch the polls.


Stampy cat!
I love stampy cat :D


Stampy is a great youtuber!

He's one of my favorites.

But I am not voting.


I like DanTDM and SquaishyQuack. :D


I like SquashyQuack too :D


I don't think anyone will vote L for LEEE X

After the thing...




I think he deserved what he got though...

Anyways BOT.


Pink sheep is a Prangster gangster and he has no votes.


Exploding not exsploding. Here's a grammar tip: never put an s after an x


We don't need to be teaching school in this topic.

I can't edit polls anymore sorry!


I love Sqaishey too!


Clearly you didn't know that, or you typed to fast, because in real life you need to know it :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That's ok :wink:
Please GBOT


I did know that , okay?

I am a fast typed and you don't need to be saying my grammars bad becuase that's bacicly what your saying but BOT


Please GBOT
( get back on topic)
It's ok, we type fast, we forget, nobody is perfect and this doesn't have to do anything about Minecraft YOUTUBERS.
He can't edit the poll so it will just stay the way it is,
Please GBOT
And talk about minecraft


I am not being rude at all but just GBOT.


Do you watch minecraft youtubers, if so who do you like to watch?