Who's my fan topic


I don't really know who are my fans, so put you username down in the list.
(I probably only have a few fans but it's worth a shot)

@Explorer_'s fans:
@Sweetlina (・ω・)ノ
@Steelhooves Seen you on the forum before. Can't remember where. :3
Dude73! :D




Cool idea!

But it was already made here!

Do you think you could recycle?


There's a topic for this

lemme just find there link real quick

Nvm, Gilbert got it :DDD


Umm ok?


Yeah there's another topic like this


Omg same name too XD
:iluminati confirmed- JOHN CENAAA


Except mine's has quotations


YAS i guess I'm your fan! more of ur frenapai