Who's got a St. Patrick's Day Project?!



Hi ya'll!

:four_leaf_clover: Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!!! :four_leaf_clover:

Are you working on something awesome for St. Patty's Day? Share it here!! We'd love your help finding cool St. Patty's Day projects. And if you do, maybe you'll get some of the famed Irish luck :wink:

Leprechaun Defense New Game!

I should make one!!!


Awww ;-; better work on one now! Do you know any st pat songs?


i think i am going to make one!!! i have a pretty good idea!


Anyone have any ideas? I want to make a cool one!


I'll try to recreate some music if I can. :T I have plans for April fools tho xD


I want to make a cool one too. XD

I have -1 ideas for a project.

... I'll come up with something two days from now then remember it's not St. Patrick's day... XD

That would be funny. XD
... Or not. ;-;

Well, I will figure out something...



Wait, wanna do a mini collab? Can you make a cute 4 leaf clover?


If you can do it out of shapes, then we can make a clover runner! You would jump over rainbows/pots of gold!


Then the character could be a leprechaun or something :Y


Better idea! :laughing:

I could code the game, if you make the characters, @SmilingSnowflakes!


Okay! So, should we do a runner?


Note pad, I guess! Here it is:

The long conversation of a mini collaboration that I decided to put in details. :D

Which way should the player be facing?
First person, looking towards the player but awkwardly running left or something else?
- SmilingSnowflakes

Okay! :D
Sorry, I accidentally deleted the your post(?). :0
- SmilingSnowflakes

That's okay, as long as you saw it! Okay, so you can do it?
- Gilbert189

I can do it! :D
Which way should the characters be facing, and what characters do you need? :D
- SmilingSnowflakes

I think:
A leprechaun
A couple pots of gold
Rainbow background
Is that doable?


I'm thinking about making a last minute lucky charm cereal box :wink:


Hehehe I've been making a St. Patrick's day project for a week! I love that Holiday! :smile::smile::smile::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Lol can't you just make a new topic


I guess a post is more convenient. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Since you can delete it. :D

I don't know. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why can't shrug emoticon work?
I cri.


I'm gonna make one! I love St. Patrick's day, and its during my New Orleans spring break so I'll get some inspiration!


Im Making one!! i love st.patricks day


I am making a project also!