Who's going to win the Hopscotch Awards 2017?



Hi everyone, I've done the same award thing in 2016. But this time I'm not just going to give out one award like last year when I was never so experienced. I need someone to help me choose the awards and choose who should get the award. I need help posting a lot of things and well, I tell you guys later when I have time. I have to go to school. Have a question or idea??? Sure, just ask me. Well, I leave school at 2:00, so I will be reading you're posts at two and DON'T expect me to reply earlier.


I checked around the forum and there are people who made the hopscotch awards before you even got on the forums.
So I guess first use the search button before you post

How can I be helpful?

I know. But if you don't want to do this award then just chill. Anyway what you said was a bit mean. :disappointed_relieved:


Wow. You've learned much in 9 hours since you joined. You already know that you should search before you post.


What was mean?


What Helios posted was a bit mean.


That wasn't mean. It's just because we shouldn't have much topic that is like the same as other


Well it's pretty much common sense..

You don't want a forum with a bunch of clone topics, so that's common knowledge


Yes it is! You're right. That isn't really hard to know if you're new but not for you.


Your really a great hop I hope we can b friends?


I don't want to get mad or make a flame war. So can you guys ignore this topic?


Me(Caroline)or someone else?


Oh I'd love to b frens with u I meant someone else but yeah we could be frens I never heard of u?


Sure, you can be friends with me.


THANKYOU......I have hardly any lol