Who's getting the subscription?/Subscription Debate Corner


Who is getting the subscription?

  • Me!
  • Dunno
  • I can't because parents
  • I'm not interested


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The Hopscotch Subscription Topic
Do you think we should pay as subscribers to get those cool new features?
I'm leaving because of subscribing EDIT: nevermind

I probably am! My parents know how much I love hopscotch and said that they will pay for it.


I feel a sense of jealousy that can't go away :confused:


i went back to the old old old one of the oldest versions because of this.


Oh...sick dude! :smiley:


But hopefully the free version gets lots of new stuff too!


If it doesn't, I will pray for lez old Hopscotch.
(RIP Hopscotch Free Version 2011-2016)


I cant get the subscription because my parents dont even know about hopscotch

Literally crying 😭😭😭

You can't even publish your projects.
And their is no accounts.
And their is no Sine And Cosine.


Still tho
Nostalgia is boss
But anyways...


For me I have another reason: My parents will not let me get something like HS
But I've never asked so maybe this will be different?


You could tell them about it!

My parents know and they are supportive and happy to see my code! It's good motivation!



I don't really have any option


You can't tell your parents?

Oh.. I guess it depends on your family.



I could tell them...I haven't tried because I keep assuming they'll say no.


And tbh the smile kinda makes me irritated.

Also, (not to offend people) I've noticed that the only people saying the price is reasonable are people who are getting the subscription.


Sry that smiles annoy you?

I guess that's true. Some people have different family situations.

For example, my family could afford it but @person1 can't. It just depends on who you are.

I'll try not to brag about it.


No CoSine? :scream: :astonished:


Anyways, I changed my mind on quitting!


Now that I think about it, I'm not gonna ask my parents. I just want to see what will happen if I don't get the subscription. I'll hate myself tho :stuck_out_tongue: