Who's follows me?¿



Put ur name down below if u follow me​:stuck_out_tongue: I want to know who does​:heart:

Hey @codingCupcake123 I saw u saw I'm on....this is my first day on the forum and I ran out of replys​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:so yea I just like listening to this project that is going on....can u tell everyone else that in the chat. Oh and thanks for the welcome​:heart:

That the reason I am just liking is bc I ran out of replies bc this is my first day..... That's what I wanted u to tell them @codingCupcake123 :laughing: Oh and thanks for going to follow me

Both if u can @codingCupcake123

OK GREAT @codingCupcake123 THANKS

No I can't @SmileyAlyssa and @MYD and @codingCupcake123 I can only edit mine...so yea I can edit urs only MINE

R u still there @codingCupcake123:grin:

hellooooooo @codingCupcake123:heart:️ Please respond if ur there


Hi @SimplySouthernGurl! I follow you! :blush:


Not sure but I probably do...


Yep! Ur my fav​:heart::heart::heart::heart:️ I hope we can get to 2 each other more @SmileyAlyssa

Hey @SmileyAlyssa ...how do u get so many likes on ur projects


I didn't before, but I need to now! You have great projects! Keep it up!


I do, I'm MYD and on my other account I do @SimplySouthernGurl


Omg thanks so much @AHappyCoder u r the best! Omg I am about to cry no one has ever said that to me​:heart:️ You have great projects 2


Ok awesome @MYD !!! Ill look at ur account


Thanks a lot! Thanks for using my HSB's also!


Oh yea thanks a lot for those. They were great and if it wasn't for them..the project would of not been so good @AHappyCoder


Yeah! They were meant for nice spring colours. I like the way you used them!


Yep you r great...I can never seem to get the HSB actual number to work​:joy:


Have you clicked "Select All"? I can explain more if you want. :smile:


I do!!!!!! Of course I do, you tag people like this right?


Yea I do that and sometimes it works....no need to explain thanks tho...:heart:️ Anyone there


Yes @Seasons and great!

And was that supposed to be in a mean way @SkydivingWalnut :heart::slight_smile::laughing::joy:

Oh ok sorry so sorry @SkydivingWalnut thought that meant ■■■■■■:joy:

And thanks so much.....I feel like since I signed up today I have noticed all the people that like my projects when no one knows me.

Sorry again​:joy:And thanks that means a lot​:heart:

Omg thank u omg I am crying right now I thought nobody knows abt my projects bc my projects only get like 6 likes at the most...most of the time. So OMG I can't believe u know about that project......OMG!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh...sorry but I am so excited @SkydivingWalnut and thanks I did put in a lot of effort but it would of not been so pretty without the help of @MagmaPOP and @AHappyCoder brick wall and flags.


Search "HSB Colour Picker" and you will find a amazing one by @t1_hopscotch, I use it all the time!


I now follow you! Your projects are stupendous!


What? No! Stupendous is a fancy way to say great, amazing, awesome, spectacular, etc.

Your Bakery project shows you put a lot of effort in it, and it looks beautiful as a result.


Hi @SimplySouthernGurl! What do you want me to tell these guys? Also, I'm going to go follow you!