Who's excited about Halloween?



It's going to be Halloween in little over a month and I'm really excited! I can't wait till I can make jump scares and Halloween games in general. Also if you didn't read my general topic hopscotch made a tutorial on my pumpkin carving game last year! Also I think a month or so after Halloween another one of my games (Galaxy Rider v3) got featured! I also got tons of game ideas for the occasion. Who else is excited?
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Also if you want to share ideas post them below!


I only like Halloween because I get free candy


I'm not much of a Halloween person
I just like da lollies​:yum::candy::candy::candy::candy::candy::candy:


I love halloween! I'm planning on making a trick or treating project!

I think I'm being a snail this year for Halloween!


I love Halloween! Even though I'm Christian and my church doesn't support it, I still do it for the candy! And what fun is it when you see everyone going around house while your sitting at home wearing casual clothes, rejecting kids that want candy? And it's so fun when your class gets to do Halloween activities and a party! Plus we get to to dress spooky. :D

wait wait wait....
*cough cough @WinningMonkey and @GysvANDRegulus


I love Halloween. We already bought candy corn from the store XD. You're going to see Halloween projects from me in October for sure :P


I LOVE Halloween, it's not the candy, it's that it's so scary! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I love scary things.


im onlyy interested ifthere is a contest on hs with a good priz


I'm not interested for any candy.... ._.

I guess going to a haunted house when I was 8 put it really deep in my mind that Halloween is scary things.


Yup around where I live barely anyone dresses up there houses or themselves

So I only do it for candy


I don't celebrate. :D


Game idea * cough * cough
costume maker | jump scare simulator | Pheonix 2(look it up)


I am celebrating at home, and I am very excited! My family are celebrating at our summerhouse. We are decorating with lots of Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin soup and watching tv.

And, coding of course :slight_smile:


It would be fun, but my family's against it, so yah :D


Yeah. This year I have to dress up as a emoji lol


You live in Australia?!


I am only excited becuase of the HS Halloween challenge if it comes!

Else the candy is not even that good lol it's all melted.

In my neighborhood big groups of people who are loud go out and they just drop like 12 year olds off and let them go, there are a ton of haunted houses and people bully little kids to go into them.

So yeh.

I don't know about Halloween for me.

Also there's my favorite amusment park they decorate it for Halloween and it's just gross like fake blood everywhere and just its not fun.

But I am excited for HS Halloween if they have one!


I'm also excited for the (maybe) competition from Hopscotch! I thought my pumpkin carving thing was going to win then they instead liked the game and made a tutorial about it :stuck_out_tongue:. I'm not mad that I didn't win but I would've loved to won.


I am a Christian too. My church doesn't like Halloween, so they hang out in their basements so people think they aren't home. I kinda like Halloween, what I don't like is people getting kidnapped and killed as pranks. That is just mean. And kids eating poisoned candy. That is mean too.