Who's allowed to give their musically?


So as you know, Ella is suspended. If someone on the forum wanted her musically, could I tell them it because Ella technically isn't on the forum for six days so u can't get mad at her

Not my musically but hers?


no one @ella_13 why lol


She's suspended cause of u guys XD


ahahahah well that sucks

what did i do


Well u asked for her last name (only meaning to ask for her first letter of the last name). They thought she was going to tell u so they suspended her

Like she doesn't want clowns to stalk her


Giving names to other accounts aren't allowed on the forum.


I dont do muscially so I dont care.

But no you cant tell anyones musically


I was literally typing that


How would you tell without others seeing?


Did you even read the guidelines? Don't give out anyone's social media for the safety of others.


Why do you think I want her musically? I don't!


I never said u did..


No I didn't spend my time reading the guidelines

And clearly y'all aren't that strict about communication outside the forum


Uh yeah they are bruh


Are you nice @Tylerdabeast


If they are then how come ur not suspended?

Just saying


Ella told me to tell u to drop ignoring her and answer her emails

@Cash really?! Cause u admitted communicating with hfb when the election happened


Actually, communication outside the forum is probably their STRICTEST rule. I mean very strict.

@Friendship2468 got banned for that.


@Liza, @Meg or @Rodrigo, could one of you please close this topic? :)


Liza knows this is my account bruh and I've stopped communicating
@tylerdabeast he DMed me first and we only talked for like five minutes about the election because WE WERE WORRIED FOR OUR COUNTRY