Who would like to do a collab?



So I would like to choose 3 people to do a collab with me. Maybe more people can join later on? I dunno. We could make projects together and hope to get on featured. I don’t care if I don’t know you but I feel like doing a collab cause I’ve left hopscotch so, YAH.


And also, @OMTL I don’t care if you don’t do any coding at all by the way.


@lollypopcorn , would you like to?


I’m pretty busy right now, but I can try!! :D


Ok, you wouldn’t have to be on it all the time. Now there are 2 spaces left. Do you have any ideas for the name or the games we should dodge?


I mean code not dodge.

Maybe the username could be all our usernames mixed together?


That sounds like a cool idea!! :DDD


Also not yet, but I’m sure we can think of some games to code ;D


Can I join? :DDD Thanks!


Of course! Do you have any ideas, oh yeah and also we’ll need a password for it which is easy to remember but not too obvious.

So 1 space left now.


@KawaiiOaktree3 , do you want to?


I would, but I don’t have a device that can get HS… :persevere:


Poor u, how about a school ipad? You wouldn’t have to be on much?


my school has computers TT-TT


Oh, how about your parent’s phones?


My parents wouldn’t let me
The are


protective of them…


Oh, well if you do get a device could u tells me.



ill tell u
bye @CheesyOlive10


I’d love to join!

About myself: I have been hopscotching since 2014. I have been featured a couple of times. I can’t be bothered to count XD. I have always been wanting to do a Collab with some good hopscotchers because right now I can only hopscotch with my friend and she just started. And yay, Were both 10 years old! And I see that you’re a vegetarian. That’s so cool! I want to become a vegetarian but I am really underweight and that wont get me anywhere so I also eat chicken


is there still a spot open cheesypai (random nickname XDDDDDD)