Who will the new MagmaPOP be?


Now that MagmaPOP is gone who will be the new MagmaPOP. The one who has a LOT of featured, inspire tons of people, and be good at almost anything. Please list names who could be the new MagmaPOP!



I'm going against that because if you look at the code of that particular project, there's an ability that says "For a While"

So we might say he is just having a break. If a break is what he needs, he deserves it...


Well, if I DO want to play along with this
Definitely Creations of a Noob


I have no idea! But I have been wondering this question myself! Real Funky 63 had a ton featured, then he unpublished it all. So he is starting over, and he doesn't exactly 'support' people. So...?


You got a point there, but there could be like a substitute for him whiles he's gone.




Creations Of A Noob(?)


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Here's another like! :yum::heart:


Omg thanks! I seriously doubt it will be me tho! I'm more rising, I've only been coding for a few months!


I can't imagine how anyone could get to MagmaPOP's level of fame for a while... Maybe @SmileyAlyssa! She has some serious skills! Just like @kenlauescuadro, @UptownStudios, and @Rawrbear!


You got to say @SmileyAlyssa has been rising up recently!


But who could be good at anything music, art, and coding kind of like a hopsotch Leonardo De Vinci


Agreed! We need someone who can do it all!


I might be a candidate. I made duet,


Let's keep this non-competition like. I have a feeling this will end ugly :wink:


Yep... I think too many people will get jealous...


Yeah, let's end this! :wink:


Thanks! But I'm nowhere near MagmaPOP! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Okay I'll keep a eye out for the "ugliness" so we can still do the chat :smile: