Who Will Be The New FoodDelivery



Here is a topic for brainstorming "the new FoodDelivery" the top standard would be they have to be awesome at trail art! I say Maltese​:heart:️! Leave a nomination! And maybe a like! Have fun trying to figure out who will be the next FoodDelivery!


I don't understand how you replace a person like him, but if what you mean is a great trail artist, my nomination is @RenegadeBird1.
This is like the next MP thing, but really, hopscotchers come and go, but a specific hopscotcher cannot just be replaced. @FoodDelivery is unique and irreplaceable, like everyone else here.


I know. But we can at least try to find a hopscotcher that brings us the same joy when we open their projects!


The joy is not the same. You don't match someone's joy using a different project.

Each coder's style is unique and brings a different type of happiness when we open their projects.

Like @IShallNotBeNamed said, coders are not replaceable. There will be no replacement for @MagmaPOP, there will be no replacement for @FoodDelivery. But what we can do is use their innovation to push the Hopscotch code yet further, finding new people that stand at the podiums.


New Foody?
Dang, I almost forgot about him.

I go for @BaconStudios!

But it won't be the same though… ;-;


Oh wow thanks but I don't do trail art @StarryDream


You eat bacon :3


Aww, wow! Thanks so much for mentioning me! :)

I certaintly cannot code as well as him and leave a legacy behind me like he did.. but I'll try my best to fit your standards. XD




As IShallNotBeNamed said, he cannot be replaced, and neither can his code. His trail art was spectacular and pixel art too. He was a great person and inspired so many people!

Well I think @AHappyCoder might fit the part because his trail art is even better than a-okay! lol
Maybe me because I'm pretty good at trail art if I do say myself and pretty good at pixel art (though i procrastinate a whole lot).


Oh goodness... that typo... XD




No one will ever replace @FoodDelivery in our hearts and minds, but some coder could come extremely close. Just know no one will ever replace him​:slight_smile:



Wow k wow


Uhh I procrastinate more than you do thats 4 sure

If you havent published in like 3 months or whatevers lol


Wait, @FoodDelivery left?! Why didn't I know this?!?! Why did he leave???



:tired_face: why did he leave?


High school


2q savage wannabe bruh


No one can be the new FoodDelivery. He is too legendary to be replaced.