Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



Yeah it didnt glitchify.
Maybe theres like a thing with the wedsite.


I made a topic about that. It's The Hopscotch team's old account. It was their account when I was first on Hopscotch.


What type of iPad is it?


I joined in 2014. Old code name but. The old version before it was updated is on my other I-pad. I kinda use it but really I can’t even look on featured. And other peeps projects.


1 year and 5 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it look a bit like this?


I joined in August 2014 I think.

I don’t remember. I joined when you had to scroll through stuff.

Here is a drawing.

Anyone remember??


Nah, it’s fully functional XD

Is that your iPad?


No definitely not :ok_hand:


Was that old hopscotch?It looks so different!Amazing to know what used to happened in the old times!You know what my opinion is?There was not one first hopscotcher,but more than one!There are many people in the world.Just after the app was released,some people might have seen it.And then they joined.Hope it awnsered your question!


By the way,what is branching?


Back when I was still “a cute little small child who is very cute and good at his job, which is being cute” branching was when you remixed a project. And maybe saved it as a draft I don’t remember.


Woah!Was remixing called branching that time??


Yes. It was called branching.


1 like = one abused iPad set free.


Maybe they made an account to share stuff?


is that the official @MewtwoCreator?


yep, it is! check some of my slime art i did on SketchBook that i’ve posted here. that should prove it. also, i annouced a while back on the app i’m on the forum


Yep, it’s me. You can check my slime art, but I did say a while (and I mean a while) back I was on the forum. Well, hi!


They are called “loves”.

EDIT: @LunaMorgana387 "love"d this.


Lol I remember the smashed iPad
Hi again