Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



Yes XD ?

Welcome back!


Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say.


I joined December 2014 on a school iPad account


Ok :D

I thought you were replying to me, I must have misunderstood you.


Yes! I remember those days!
The Sydney opera house was epic! :sweat_smile:

Bringing back memories!!! :sweat_smile:

Ew.. skeuomorphic


OMG! Thanks for the OLD pics!!! That is so nostalgic... :โ€™-) (I had to download the photos. Because they bring back some good old memories...!)


Yeah, those we awesome times
It felt like such a long time ago!


To be honest...that looks like a nicer layout than the current one but I don't careโ€‹:wink:


You mean my old account? I forgot when I created it, a few days after this was made, or on the same day? I dont really remember.


I like this layout better, I like how scratch still looks like that, and we look so innovative and new.


Yeah, the new updates have the new iOS-ey feel to it. However, we have a lot more options now, but both layouts look nice. I feel that the older one is easier to learn


Yeah, I have to agree on that. It's not as clogged up with whens and code in the same place, and you always have the blocks to the right instead of only when tapping the code.


Exactly. It's much friendlier
Good thing we can use this!


I think this is the oldest Hopscotcher, no competition:

A link to one of their projects. People say they were on as early as 2014, we'll, this person joined December 2013!!!


That's glitched up for some random reason


What is glitched up?


What @JonnyGamer put down.


That is the Hopscotch Team's old account :slight_smile:


It didn't glitch up for me.. hmm, it must just be really old


Well ill use it via hopscotch