Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



I have been on for 7 months!


Hi LunaMorgana!! Thanks Luna but I wasn't there when Hopscotch was released, I came around Hopscotch's first birthday actually :slight_smile: I know some Hopscotchers were there during Hopscotch's beta stages too :open_mouth:


Ok! But I seriously thought that you joined Hopscotch the same day as me!


Fun fact, I joined after magmapop.




Fun fact, I joined after @Valgo.


I remember my first day on Hopscotch! My dad made me get the app because I had no educational apps on my iPad! That was in 2013 or 2014! I remember looking up to Funky 63! Every day I would check to see if s/he published something new! When I finally got my first feature, I felt like I just broke through a shell! I soon tried to think out of the box, and here I am today!


I thought CORA was the first hopscotcher


Fun fact, I joined after @TheRealBlah.


I am a REALLY OLD Hopscotcher.
I just made a new account recently.
I remember Kiwicute, Funky 63, t1 CORA, and others were pretty old.
Once drawing started, OrangeScent was popular :P.

Remember when there were branches?


Oh really? When did you started using Hopscotch?


I'm pretty sure Sam (AwesomeOnion) is the first Hopscotcher. Since, well, she made it. :open_mouth:


Misconception I'm not that old.


I started like Late September 2014
I feel old…


I started in February 2014 but it says 2015 because HS glitched.


Hej creation of a noob
Jeg er lige blevet klar over du er svensker?
Jeg synes virkelig du har godt styr på kodningen.
Den sidste 3D er helt fantastisk.
Selvom jeg ikke følger dig er jeg stor fan af dine projekter.
Jeg vil gerne lave et sejler spil men har ikke helt styr på det.
Jeg har brug for din hjælp.
Min ide er at lave et sejler spil i 3D .
Et spil med 4-5 bøjer og modstander .
Jeg har svært ved at få bøjer til at fungere i et vandret plan med zooming funktion.
Vil du være med?
Funky 63


Det låter intressant. Vi tar det i mitt general topic.


OMG, creationsofanoob is still here!


YESSS, I remember branching! When people would say I their projects "please :heart:️ and :seedling:" (lol the branch isn't even in the new iOS' emojis!)


Okay.. almost three years -