Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



Ok! :slight_smile:


1; nice bookshelf
2; I love how you can just see the iPad just peeking out in the screen reflection thingy
3; very dusty
4; seriously it needs some Dusting


1; thanks I guess
2; K
3; Yeah I know
4; Yeah...


1; you're welcome
2; k
3; wait I'm not the only one who uses ; when doing lists
4; nice


3; I guess not...


3? 1? I don't even know anymore; wait so is this something normal for people in your country//area//I don't want to be rude but you know what I mean (hopefully) to use ; more than :


Here's some real pictures!


I know what you mean, but no, I don't think so. At least I haven't seen people do that ( I haven't seen that many lists made in that way either, though...)


But do you need to "ladda ner" a project?


Wait, what!? How did they do that?


What about now?


There is some hopscotchers that had been in Hopscotch the day that Hopscotch was released in the App Store. The most popular ones are:


That's all!Hope I answered your question!




I have that verisimilitude but I installed it in 2016



There are a lot of old ones, and I was an old one, but then my iPad reset and that was before accounts, so I couldn't log on


Lots of those "lost their code" meaning they don't work


Oohohohohoho I miss Steve jobs.

The new apple sucks


The hopscotch team members are the first hopscotchers

Makes sense