Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



I've been on HS since Feb. 2014, on my old account!

Yes, I started HS before MagmaPOP. Those sad, sad months with no MagmaPOP.


I got on October 2015, and I've learned so much...


I joined on December 2014.... I knew nothing then!


2 things. 1) Kiwicute is a Girl 2) and being here since 2013 like me, because of Update the start date change. in the beginning there was no likes or hearts or accounts. and 24 blocks to play with.


I didn't doubt that. I was referring to MagmaPOP, who's relatively new.


There was a person named CryingLaugh that has been there when I was new, but I dunno if he was da first


He left before I joined in November of 2015.

I almost typed 2016. :stuck_out_tongue:


I joined December 2014.


Me too. I was on hopscotch before drawing pads were invented there.:scream:


How can people's have join in 2013? Could you not publish something then?


You couldn't publish anything :0 @BB-Box

Okey, I joined in 2013.. I'm pretty old XD

But that was before accounts and stuffs. So I was like, uhhh, what is this XD I "rediscovered" hopscotch in December 2015 :D
Playing ever since!


I joined HS before December 2014

Probaly fun fact I had an account before my Huggingfluffybear account I think?!


What about this THT account??

Also, if you type 'From Hopscotch' in search, you will get many accounts like- Alish from Hopscotch or Liza from Hopscotch etc... But most of them have joined in 2014


Well, I guess that would be Samantha and Jocelyn. They created Hopscotch.


You still haven't show that iPad when it was charged!


Not on this topic :stuck_out_tongue:
But I think I have shown it in another topic.
Do you want a pic?


Yes please!


Ok! It might take another four months or something though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What's your old acc's name? :slight_smile:


I'm not going to share that, at least right now!