Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



Whoever remembers coding like this is a oldie


I remember that. It was so bad, but I actually felt sad when they changed it


I've only been on since December 2014 ( prop more than most people on hopscotche lol)


September 2015!
lots of people joined in September 2015!


Officially been Hopscotching since April 2015 (Oh hey! its also my HS Anniversary!).

but been in HS since longer than that. Ever since HS Was first created (okay, I guess a few months after that...) but i don't know anyone...

But I'm pretty sure someone was there with me...

Someone called...

Liza (Yes, im VERY sure its Liza)


I know I have been hopspctching that long as well and I feel old!


I seen pics of tart but have not done that!


I'm not the first hopscotcher. I've barely been on HS half a year! XD


Me lol


It's gotta be @Liza

Its probably true


This convo is really interesting
This make me wanna learn more!

@cherrycupcake great topic!


Fun fact I joined hopsoctch before @magmaPOP


I joined slightly after that update. I remember the old abilities...


hopscotch birthday on 16 april 2016 and turns 4.
Funky 63


I emailed the hopscotch team about this and they said that besides them, one of the first active publishers was Funky63.


I made the three project you see in 2013
Funky 63


I've spam liked all your projects less than a day..


I've been Hopscotchin' since November of last year!


Funky63 is a month older than me on hopscotch, he started July 2014. MagmaPOP started January 2015


Joined a month after you! It seems a while.
(Also, projects older than 99 weeks old on the community dissapear. Do they get unpublished or are they gone forever?)