Who was the first ever hopscotcher?



I'm guessing the first hopscotchers was the hopscotch team.



I've been on since.... Let's see... September 1st, 2014!


I've been on since May of 2013.

I know who the first Hopscotcher is. Wanna know?
Jk. I don't know.


That would be perfect for April fools


How can this be? I been on hopscotch longer then the hopscotch team!


They had a different account, and they renamed it.

I believe it's now "Original StarGirl ". :D

I think they had some other account before that, but I can't remember. :D


Charge it!!!!!


thats only 7 months before i joined! lol i joined in the middle of november 2015!!


not really new, he joined January 2015


Relatively (compared to people like Kiwicute2016), he's pretty new. The point is people think he's been on Hopscotch forever.


I've been on in beta. Never posted anything. But I existed.


I have been on hopscotch since 2014 on a different account. :smiley:


I've been on hopscotcher since 15 April 2015


I have been on since 2013.. not one of the first though.


I've been on since late 2013, but not the firt! I had another account then :P


Well if you put that against how long some other coders have been coding, then he'a being doing it for a short amount of time. The oldest i've seen in somebody's prof was 2013


Remember when the hopscotch team changed their icon from a monkey to the Hopscotch logo? They had to make a new account in order to do so.


I wish I knew more about coding​:sob:


Work hard at projects, learn by remixing, and watch hopscotch videos and I'm sure you will!

Anyways, back on topic.


My guess: the hopscotch team xD