Who wants to write a story?



Wow. Haven’t been on the forums in a LONG time. Anyways, anyone down to write a story on google docs? Just tell me your email and I’ll add you in.


Psst, docs was banned a couple of years ago.

If you still want to write a story though, here’s the imagination topic. It’s mainly used for writing so maybe you’ll like it?


that’s personal information


Two years, sure


Wow. Mhm sorry guys. Guess hopscotch restricted even MORE things lol. I’ll find someone else to write some stories with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back @FuzzyFuzzBear, I think that I haven’t seen you around before. Docs are banned, but that doesn’t stop you from using a topic to write a story.


I tried a collab story once. It failed miserably.


@Panthera, I also tried a collab story too. It was pretty fun, but everyone there lost interest and slowly disappeared.


I still have it in my docs :dizzy_face:


Same. It was with one other, and about all we did was argue over what would happen. It had no plot.


And what’s it gonna be about?