Who wants to make an awesome MANDALA?



Hi. I am not begging, I just wanna know who wants to collab with me to make something like this​:arrow_right:


I would... Sorta depending.
Do you mean an interactive one, or a Leave-A-Trail one, a shape one, or what?


A color-in one, like in my coloring book.


Again, post if you wanna!:arrow_right:


So... Trails or shapes? What else do you have in mind?
And how should the user color? Scribbling it in, a single tap, or what?
I guess we're officially collabing now! It's a great idea!


Prob single tap. Makes it easier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah. But harder to program... :1

Okay, the borders should be made out of text or trail then!

Should we make a collab account, or do it the old-fashions way?


Wut's the old fashioned way?


I'm thinking sort of like a drawing pad layout, a bit like Poptart0219's, and then you select a color and input it. What do you have in mind?


The old-fashioned way is just posting something and remixing it back and forth, adding code each time.


Account. I will send 2 u in a private. Can @BeautifulBelle and @SmileyAlyssa join?


It would be awesome if they could!

On the other hand, how many lines of (radial-sorta) symmetry? Just so I can plan ahead.


You should add some peaceful music to it.


6 to 10 lines, I'm guessing.


I am not great at coding art like that. But I can probably draw it! But if it's a coding project, I don't know what to say @ElegantAngelEmily. But I can definitely draw it!


If I can be of any help, I have made many mandalas before (in school I studied them) and would love to put my knowledge to good use :slight_smile: I also know lots of HSB's if that helps. I'm just a bored LF over here, trying to make myself useful.


If we use @Phase_Admin's suggestion, I can TOTALLY help with the music!

So... Is there a certain role in programming you'd really like to do? Like, the person who designs, the person who does the HSBs, or anything like that?


Okay, I will plan, @XiaoMiaoMi will create a format AND music, @BeautifulBelle (YOU. Holla!) will do the drawing stuff, and @SmileyAlyssa will code. How's that sound?


1) Has SmileyAlyssa agreed yet?
2) Drawing it won't work... You have to use Leave-A-Trails or just literally text to fill it up.
3) When and how will you give us the account info?


Did SmileyAlyssa even join yet?