Who wants to down art contest?


On hopscotch, I could make an awesome art contest, but ONLY if I have a few contestants. If you think you have mad art skills, reply!


Welcome to the forum! Throws confetti! :D
I might participate in the contest if I have time :P


Ohhh sounds interesting :wink: It depends when the contest is. I draw way better on paper anyways 🙃:stuck_out_tongue:

'Meeeeemeeememememee I wanna sign up!!!! XD


Yeah I agree. The art contest will be March sometime, just need a few more replies. I will say on the forum and Hopscotch when it is on.


Thanks! I will say when it is on. Sometime time
this month though!


Ame please!!!
I mean me not Ame. I would like to join!


Could I possibly enter @Ponycoders? Thanks!


Of course! Your art RULES!! Seriously, I love it!


Welcome to the forum!

Well, I could join, but first I'd like to know the theme; e.g. realism, anime, an animal, an object, etc. :wink:


Well, this competition will be a comp where you draw how you draw easily. Do you like realism? Then do that! The comp isn't on yet, but it will be sometime this month. It will be on my pony pad.