Who wants to do a collab account for games


So me and a hf friend are going to make an account called ____ is getting stronger and will will post games and sometimes art on there. We will probably not be making a hf account for this. Would anybody like to join?

People who can join


Remember, only one person can join.


Why tag me xD I am terrible at coding


DO you wanna join? We work together




Ok, the account will be called Bacon is getting stronger. XD


@kvj or should I say...le xd


I'm @KVJr
But ya what's the name


@BaconStudios I already said this


@Strongerthanyou all I need to know is the username


I said, a million times, it's "bacon is getting stronger"


Yes I know bacon is strong but what is the username


The username is "bacon is getting stronger" facepalms


I was just joking xD you make it xDDDDD?