Who wants to collab with @me!



Anybody! If you would like to collab just lemme know! I promise to do what I can!


I would like too but I am busy at the moment, well good luck on your collab!


Ok! And thanks :slight_smile:


We have too many collabs.


Ok wait you mean I should delete this convo


I'll do it with you if you want? To warn you though I'm kinda a noob. Just tell me your hopscotch name and mine is cool 19


My hopscotch name in Dance inc. do you want me to make the account?


I'll make it for us I will have to figure out a way to tell u info


Yes that would be fine.


No, just wait for someone :slight_smile:


ok so I need to figure out how to give you info!


Well lets first think of a project to do. Then you start it. Then I'll do so and so on. Oh and I found the account.


Ok cool are you on here right now

i need to tell you the info right now!!!!!!!


Yes I'm on right now.


Did you log in do I need to tell you info still??????


Um what will the project be.
- fnaf
- Crossy road.
- try to escape


Fnaf please.:slight_smile:


Ok it might be a little challenge but we can do it.


Ok lemme set up
Wait what is Fnaf again?


Five nights at freddys