Who wants to collab with Anna10



Who wants to create a collab account! Trust me it is fun! @OrigamiLover @battle_dog @BlackPrincess @OrangeScent1 @Huggingfluffybear @HoppingBanana @Holly_Aarmau @Rrpp7 @Horseflowernc @Dude73 @Deadfr

Drawing on paper compared to

HELLO? Who is here? Help?


Hello? Who wants to collab with me


Try tagging people, and if you don't want to forget your Collab account passwords, I write them down in my drafts.


Anybody? HELOO? Pls collab!


You had one with me, shakes head and cries, you don't need me​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I'll join. I'm touched you thought that I'm worth tagging. How did you choose? :two_women_holding_hands::couple::purple_heart:


Sorry but I can't! So sorry!


I'm happy you chose me for a collab but I'm kinda busy right now with challenges/collabs. Maybe some other time though! Sorry


I do need you! I am just having several collabs! (2-3)


Me and you still have a collab @PercyJackson9


@Horseflowernc I will create it now! Guys I am toatally ok with having several collabs! The more the BETTER!


@Horseflowernc are you on?


I would join, but I am to busy...


I'm sorry, but I do have other things to do. Is the account active? What are the username and password? @Anna10


@Horseflowernc hi! I am going to start on the account when ever you reply.


Ok. I'm at school. What are the password and username?


I will tell you at 3:15


@Horseflowernc are you on? Like this post and I will tell you account info


Ok ready. Sorry but what should username be?