Who wants to be on Dylan329's Friend list? Just ask, and I will add you!


I got this idea from @DinoProductions who has a friends list, and others who also have one.

So, I decided that I will have my own friends list.

Anyone can ask to join, and I will add their name to the list.

I will use this on posts for my "friends" to see?
who wants their name on the list.

you will be tagged whenever I use this list, if you join it!

Friend List: 16





If im considered as your friend then you can put me on


I edited your topic and put it in collabs...




Oh ok, thank you!


Because it isn't really coding...


Oh Ok that makes sense


I want to be on it!

Am I your friend


I will be on if that is okay!


??? Wrong topic ??? Lol





Can I-

wait in this condition how can you even consider me as one


Do you want to be added, because I will if you want.


Sure (ยด๊’ณ`)


I added you @WhiteFeathers


thank you!


Your welcome.
hmmmm. I feel like I talked to you before, but I am not sure...


You do? I think we arrived at the forum at the same time


No I joined in September you joined in November lol