Who wants to be in a collab?


Anyone in for a collab?!?


Can I be in it? I might not be around much since school stuff, but I can find the time!


Ok, so, now what? Yes you can be in it.


I am doing a collab but I can help you two do it.


Ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a hopscotch channel called InfinitePOP. It's for people doing collabs.

The username is InfinitePOP and so is the password.

If you come on it don't change the name or edit other collabs you are not doing.

In the title of your draft name it your project you are making and the people allowed to edit.


Okay!!! Thanks, @Bubblyoreo!!!


I just made a collab channel! Do you want to be in it, @Bubblyoreo or @HidingCantolope?


Wow,You have so many co labs.


what????? Who???????????


Of course @Hoppertoscotch! Just tell me the username and password. Also, what are we going to make? Just wondering.


I was thinking of a game where you are a rocket ship and trying to dodge asteroids and as you progress more asteroids come and you have to stay alive for as long as you can? I don't mind what we make.


Ok that's easy to make @HidingCantolope! We can do that!


Ok let's get started! What should we call it? Asteroid?


I already started doing it, we just need to make it so the asteroids go towards you (and I know how to do that) how to keep score, (I know how to do that, also) we also need to make it so you lose when you hit an asteroid (I know how to do that) last but not least, we need to make the controls (super easy to do) so, yeah. Hehe.


Do you want to have a joystick for the controls?


Well I was thinking buttons, the thing with a joystick is you can make the rocket
Literally dodge the obstecals really easy.


Ok, we'll do buttons then.


Ok. Make sure there aren't over five asteroids. Try to keep it under five. Also, make sure the asteroids have a grow by or a set size rule for all the asteroids.


@Hoppertoscotch @HidingCantolope Can i help you with the rocket ship game as well? I can code large asteroids to randomly move and when the collide they break into smaller asteroids. I have other ideas also.