Who Wants More Characters?



Does anybody want more characters? Well I've found a few pictures on the internet that I want Hopscotch team to make. Here are the new characters.

Those are the new character. @Liza hope you see this.

New hopscotch characters?

Yup. I saw some leaked hopscotch characters online. Leaked. Yup, so true.


I saw some images of hopscotch characters on a website called brave the woods .com


I really want more characters. They all look good! But I'm wondering if some will be for purchase.


@Berrymelon i'm pretty sure if they make any new hopscotch characters they Will all be for purchase


Those characters look really good. I have also been hoping for new hopscotch characters. Also new avatars. I also hope that most of those characters won't cost money. I think new characters are a great idea!:grinning:


Awesome :smiley: but I heard that some of those characters were draft characters that weren't added into the final so I'm not sure. Besides we have so many cool characters already :smile:

Hopscotch Beta 2.17.0 Preview

Yeap, as far as I know (and I know 1 or 2 things), those were proposals. The Halloween characters where a special edition, maybe they come back this year, who knows :stuck_out_tongue: and the other ones, where also proposals. Nevertheless, which ones do you liked? Any other suggestions?

I really like the girl/boy inside a rabbit suite, I want more of those.


I agree Rodrigro, but if Hopscotch does add a lot more, some of them are probably need to buy.


And what do you think about that? I mean, maybe a lot of them ccould be free and maybe some of them need to be bought, I don't know. But more characters would be cooooooool.


I'm fine with it, I usually buy them anyway.:wink: But yeah I want free ones too.


Yeah so true! It would be so cool to use something other than the regulars :blush:


I think some of the new characters look ridiculous


They look quite nice to me but it turns out they were draft characters that weren't added to the final Hopscotch


@t1_hopscotch I filled out the Google form to be a beta tester and I got no reply what should I do?


I heard from someone on Halloween, there is going to be a update that gives you new characters based on Halloween.


@Gabe_N Maybe try emailing the Hopscotch Team at support@gethopscotch.com about beta testing then

@Terminator_Boss wow that would be cool! I know that in 2013 there were limited edition Halloween characters which were some of the normal Hopscorch characters dressed up in costume.

They changed back to normal costume afterwards and I thought Hopscotch might do it again last year but it didn't happen so I guess it was only in 2013. We did get 6 new characters added though, which include Cosmic Cody, Star Girl, Chillanna, Robo, Bird and Raccoon :smiley:


I just did yesterday they haven't got back to me


I started a chat about new charecters Here


Hi!!! @Liza @Ian and @alish can we please have all these characters that photos have Been posted of?