Who wants hopscotch to make apps from Hopscotch projects


Hopscotch is an amazing app for coding so why not add a feature for subscribed hopscotchers to make a game and they have the option to turn it into an app that way there will be lots of young developers. I understand what I am asking for is really hard to put in but just saying, Wouldn’t it be awesome. If my suggestion does get put in I will be amazed because I wanted to make an app for a long time but I can’t because I only know hopscotch code


That’s a cool idea… but I don’t think hopscotch has the whole capacity to create an app, there’s low sprites capacity, and it lags a lot, specially when making big games as apps


Hey nice idea, it’s original!
Just a few things:

  1. Where would you publish the app? It couldn’t be public as that could lead to communication outside the app
  2. Developer wise, how would that work?
  3. It would take a long while to do
  4. If you want, there is a way to be able to get your code and turn it into a JSON file. Ask Awesome_E if you need help with that.
  5. Money wise, it would cost the app a lot.
  6. Like Roddy said, I don’t think the app has enough capacity for that.

But that’s really cool!


You technically can put it on your home screen if you have the url, you just bookmark it and add to homescreen


This might be cool, though reeeeaaaalllllyyy hard.


Yes it’s a great idea but Hopscotch is limited and a game would have to be really good to get it on


It’s a great idea, but really expensive…
Doesn’t it cost a developer $300 to have their app on the App Store for a month?
So if 100 people each used that feature once, it’d cost THT $30,000.

Plus the Hopscotch coding language wouldn’t work with building an app. Hopscotch is block coding. It’d have to be Swift or some other kind of text coding, I think.


Cool idea!

The logistics of where you put the app, like others said, and it could lead to CoF.


It’s a nice idea but it would be very expensive to implement and there are more downsides than upsides. People could get very very hurt very badly, and that’s not worth it.
But it was a good idea


That’s too much work for THT to do. It’s also very expensive.
If you want to make an app then you should learn a new coding language. Hopscotch is only supposed to teach you the basics of coding.


Hopscotch projects are already json files.

@FearlessPhoenix maybe explain how they could get hurt.


Because it’d just increase the risk of it happening.
Bottom line is that it’s CoF.
You’re just gonna have to trust me on that


This might be possible after 25 years maybe.

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I think that’s illegal.

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Nah probably not even then.
Safety risk is still gonna exist


Grandma! U here!

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Why would it be illegal?

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yeah no

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If someone does that, it would overload the servers in order to make the app go live, which involves…

(But I’m sure you get it.)

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Which involves…breaking the server?
Involves what?
I’m sure there’s a way to upload the app without involving _______ or overloading the server.