Who wants hopscotch on your phone and how should be able to Certain projects offline


Who wants hopscotch on iPhone I know I do


The hopscotch team is going to start that soon! Just hang tight I bet there doing thing as fast as they can!


Thanks @Gabe_N do u wanna do a collab and a project with me


That'd be so awesome! I can't wait till they do that's, but good things come to those who wait. (That's a quote)


I'm excited for that too, so I can do Hopscotch on the go!

HT is planning to add iPhone, browser, and an Android version eventually they said once they think the iPad version is close to perfect


Sure (sorry for the late reply I was at school)


There actualy redoing all the code right now so you can play hopscotch on iphone and computer

Thanks guys your the best, I just love the forum, it's we're you can feel good about yourself about helping others and you can Alison get words of wisdom thanks everyone!!!


Yay my mom can do hopscotch


A little