Who wants a website


Hi guys does anyone want me to make them a website


Just fill out this form
Page names:(3 to 30)


If you do
Whats the title
What charecter/emoji will it be based on
What will the page names be(up to 30)


How To Play A Game
How I Discovered These Strategies, One Player game Stategies, Two Player Game Strategies, None Of These Stategies Help Me, About Me

And for the page that the website starts at, it would be "About This Website"


What colours you need 3


Oh sorry OK. Gray, red, and.......hmmm...green


Search projects for to hoppertoscotch and you'll find it


Hi! I know this may seem a bit off topic but @GoGoGames1 your profile picture is really cool!


OK! This needs 20 characters.


I just checked it out. Is that really the best you could do?!?


Sorry that was a bit rude, but i think i know why you said that. Was that because of what was on each page. If it was than im sorry but i can't do them. If its changing them that your confused with you'll need to go into the text object press the one you want to change than change the set text to what you want


You could of just told me that you couldn't do that. Anyways, I'm sorry if I sounded rude.i just didn't expect T͟͟H͟͟A͟͟T͟͟. You know what I mean?


Thankyou @Isaacwotwot. If you want the picture you can find it in my hopsoctch page(im GoGoGames™) or here


Its ok @Hoppertoscotch (if you want to add stuff in google helps)


Well, how about a website about yourself?
So, your three favorite colors
And maybe this :heart: for the emoji? If you don't like that, do one of your favorite emojis.
Why I love hopscotch, an update I would love to have in hopscotch, my favorite thing to do, my future plans, what I'm in the middle of making, my favorite project I've ever seen on hopscotch, my favorite project I've ever made

For the page it starts at, how I found hopscotch


Is this for me or you @Hoppertoscotch. If its for you whats the title. If its for me im fine ive got 2 websites


@GoGoGames1 huh? This needs to be 20 charecters