Who wanna team up and make games and art with me?


Hello,and I want to team!i hope you all could team up with me but I(you can call me a noob as I am not too good)!
Just plz team up with me and I will make a account that is called princess pearl of art group(that is cool!
And if someone is gonna team up I will tell the password to him/her!

                                                         Thx for seeing


So, you're looking for a coding/art partner? I can help you find some people that would be interested! :smile:


I'd love to, but unfortunately I'm pretty busy at the moment.

I also don't work well with other people, I'm more of a solo person XD


Ok thx a lot,but I am just finding someone that is not too good but no to bad too


It is fine if no one will team up with me
I may try my best to do things by myself;D
But thx a lot @Dude73 and @treefrogstudios
Thx you


I have a friend who's on the forum, do you want me to get her on when I see her next? I'm sure she would love partnering with you. :smile:


Thx you I wanna meet her