Who uses a Stylus?



Do any of you drawers (or coders) use a Stylus? I just got a bamboo solo stylus to draw/code with! @everyone

My Stylus:


I have one, I just don't use it a lot. I prefer to draw on paper.


I had one....my art was rubbish with it XD I'm a. Self taught artist...no fancy equipment! No stylus, just my finger XD


I use a green ink joy stylus!


I dont have one, but I really want one, becuase I can draw in more detail! :smile:


I have the Pencil by 53 and it works amazingly with the app (Paper by 53. It's free).


I broke my stylus... By chewing on it.


I have a normal stylus ment for every day use


I use a stylus!!!!! :D.


Whenever I use a stylus it keeps rubbing against the screen!!! :frowning:


Hmmm isn't that what it's supposed to do? :thinking:


Mine broke it doesn't work at all


I use an Adonit Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition stylus. Similar to the apple pencil, but uses batteries, has more battery life, and works on more than just the iPad Pro.


Nope. I prefer drawing with fingers. Finger exercise​:joy:.


I use a stylus that is a pen, laser pointer, and flashlight!


It's too annoying though


No stylus, just my 10 fingers!!


I have a stylus but I don't use it much anymore, since I got an Apple Pencil


It depends. I might use my black ink joy stylus or my other stylus but I rarely use them


All in one stylus​:smiley:An awesome stylus.....