Who thinks we should get the old profile pics back?



Remember having the bear and parrott be your profile pic? Me too. Now we get the cool artsy stuff, but I miss the old pictures, too. Who else thinks we should get them back for hopscotch?


you can always email THT to change it to one of the characters i believe. :wink:


They got rid of the characters! So if you had bird and changed it, you can't get it back. Sorry!


I wish I can get the old characters back... (I never changed)


I have never ever changed my profile character.

Bird 4 LIFE!!


@lildisaster3 I see you! I know you can't reply, so if you want edit this below the line! :smile:

Seriously @SnowGirl_Studios? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing:
i didnt just say hewwo i said something good after... lol
i said I dont think basic users can edit on the notebook feature
Turtles are fun, but I love all of the profile pictures- Phase Admin


I wish we could have both. A page of art designs, and another page of characters.