Who still uses the old avatar for HS? (Survey)



Take a minute to do this!

I want to do this so I can show how many people are still using them...

I'll publish a result after 20 people have voted (or more...)

  • :laughing: Yes I do!

  • :pensive: No I don't!

  • :frowning: Whaddaya mean?



Please stay on topic!


The avatars I mean are those Stargirl or Parrot pictures used in Hopscotch...


I wish I did ;-;


By the time you made the account in November..

It was already too late.. :unamused:


I want chill ana on mine


I still have bird, and I'm not thinking about changing :smiley:


If you want a old avatar try emailing the hopscotch team! :D


I emailed them about one thing, and they do not have those avatars anymore. Meaning if you changed it to a new one, you can't change it back.


:0 I never knew that! :0


You learn something new every day! :slightly_smiling:


I still use parrot! It makes it near impossible for people to copy me, and I like it!


I'm Bear, and I'm never changing because, well, look at my name! :yum:


I Already Have A Topic For This... But No One Cares About Mine Anymore! Oh Yeah, And Changed Mined To One Those Ones With The Lazars.

(Edit This With Your Hopscotch Name If You Told Me In My Old Topic.)


I wish I did still ;-;


I use bear on my origanal acount because huggingfluffybear!


I used Chillanna before the update came I was bribed into one of the new avatars ;-;


I'm going to switch back to the good old Cody.



I thought no one made anything like this!

Well at least you got someone to revive the debate...


Out of 42 Voters

46% of voters still have it
50% of voters say no
2% is unsure


I wish you could code your own.


Things might go out of hand though... :confused:

Before you joined the forum, some of us were discussing about it...

Most people went against it...