Who smote my Topic, and why?


Guess you know what I’m talking about. It can’t have been the dreaded , can it?

@omtl @pomtl @sophia71205sfmtl @AllysBees


@AllysBees ydjdkdkjrjdjshsh


@sophia71205sfmtl @omtl


@pomtl @TheJonnyGamers


Lol u got smoted


Because you’re a dick lol


Dude just chill, just talk about hopscotch,
Cos remember, this is the HOPSCOTCH forum, for talking about hopscotch. Go to some other site if you wanna talk about stuff there. But you are not aloud to say which site.


I agree… tho I would not say that


I would because I don’t care anymore


Yeah, I think your topic was a really good idea, but it won’t survive here :confused:

Also, please don’t use my tag list. Thank you.