Who should be the next leader?


Hey ya'll the fluffy bear here and this has been talked about a ton But who do you think should be the next leader? Should it me billybob or sound it be JinnyJoe or should it be someone real and not made up? You decide I think well here is my top 10


  2. @RobotPro

  3. @RubyStars

  4. Huggingfluffybear (hmm who's that? Don't worry it's not coming again!)

  5. @Fun_in_the_Sun

  6. @DancingLollipop

  7. @GysvANDRegulus

  8. @SmileyAlyssa!

  9. @CreativeCoder

  10. Drumroll please @Gilbert189!!

Bonus @SmilingSnowflakes


Wow, I don't think I'm leader ready yet. Thanks for noticing me.


No problem I think you are!


Wow thanks! :D


Thank you! Why does mine have "Drumroll please..."? :smile:


Wait, @smileyalyssa has a twin! :O


No problem!!

off topic



Becuse I know you will be the next leader!


Oops hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehheehhehehehe 10 hours later ehehehehehe





I ran out of likes! ;-;
Here's one! :heart:


Looks pretty accurate! Most people are a Regular before Leader though. :wink:


Yeah should remove @tankt2016!


Thanks! :D


Are you guys forgetting? The next leader should for sure be @CreativeCoder.


Can't like :heart::heart::heart:
You added me! Thanks!


No problem but wait I thought you were regular!


Oh yes sorry but @RenegadeBird1 I thought you were reg but since not sadly I shall change and if you get it add you back in!


A: That's 9
B:Is 1 most likely or least likely?


That's fine!
I think @SmilingSnowflakes should be a good leader, though! :D
Here's a like!:heart: